A "Migraine Relief Piercing" (MRP) is not the "Daith Piercing for Migraine" that is all over the internet.  the Daith Piercing will give you temporary short term relief, but not the long term relief you are looking for.

When looking for migraine relief, you need to make sure that you find the exact spot of the ear where the nerves are.  This requires some knowledge of the nervous system of the human body.  We at Stylin' Tattoo have this knowledge and are utilizing it to give relief to those that are suffering from migraines.  The MRP procedure takes about 2-3 hrs. to complete and uses a form of Auricular Therapy (procedure confirmed by John Howard, Auricular Therapist, who earned his degree in Acupuncture at Maryland Institute of Traditional Medicine in Bethesda, MD).  This procedures enables Kat to find the trigger point of the nerves so she knows where to place the piercing.

As you can see by the photos below, no 2 piercings are in the same location.  There are several markings on the ear, these markings are trigger points that were close but not quite the spot.  Since everyone's body is different so will be the trigger points.  Each trigger point is in a different location, angle and depth.  Some clients may require both ears to be pierced, some have even been probed but no trigger point found.  In these cases we ask the client to return when they are experiencing a migraine.  It is much easier to find the trigger point when you are experiencing a migraine.  The clients also say that when Kat hits the trigger point it has a great feeling of relaxation and relief, like floating on a cloud.


We started doing this in November of 2015, after extensive research.  We wanted to make sure that what we were going to be doing was going to achieve the goal of giving relief to migraine sufferers.  We currently have close to 200 clients (and still growing) in our MRP study, and we are at 90% success rate in migraine relief with the MRP.  The relief that clients are experiencing is their reduction to light and noise sensitivity.  Any headache they may experience is very mild in nature, requiring nothing more that an OTC for headaches, and not the prescriptions that they were used to taking on a daily basis.  Many clients are not taking any medications at all since they no longer have migraines.


The MRP procedure is $125 and includes:


     The Jewelry                                                                                                                    This photo shows both traditional Daith 

     Auricular Therapy Procedure                                                                                                 and Migraine Relief Piercing

     Aftercare starter kit

    Monthly Follow up sheets

     An appointment is required for this procedure

  If you think this is something that you or someone you know can benefit from this procedure, call the shop (716-836-3530) to schedule you appointment.

If you are interested in this procedure, leave a message on Facebook or send me an email.  We will continue to provide this service, once we have the appointments and location for the appointments, I will contact you ...thank you, CJ



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