As a fixture in the Buffalo piercing scene for well over a decade. Kat brings her unique ability and knowledge to

Stylin Tattoo. In order to provide the best service to her clients, Kat believes in staying up to date on all aspects of piercing. I have participated in classes with the Association of Professional Piercers, Blood Borne Pathogenss, CPR, First Aid as well as having a college background in medical studies and jewelery making.

Kat is an experienced with a common sense approach to each client to provide the most comfortable, succesful piercing possible.


Tattoo Artist


Tattoo Artist

Piercing Professional

This coule be you or someone that you know - looking to fill an artist position


         Tattoo Artist

As long as I can remember I have loved art, all forms of art.  Tattooing is a form that has become a huge part of my life.  Being able to meet new people and new artists all the time is an incredible thing.  Taking on new challenges, constantly learning new things, new techniques, helping to further perfect different styles.  Working with clients and other artists that are just a passionate about this craft is an amazing feeling and opportunity to forever grow and evolve as an artist.

This coulb be you




          Tattoo Artist